PATIENT WARMING SYSTEMSpatient_warning_system







Control Units: Power Input : 220 V AC – 110 V AC 50 HZ / 60 HZ
W-500D : 350 Watt 24 Volt AC
W-300 : 350 Watt 24Volt  AC
W-150 : 150 Watt 24 Volt DC
W-150T(Large) : 270 Watt 24 Volt DC (for Adult patient)
W-150T(Small) : 90 Watt 12 Volt DC (for Neonate patient)


30° C to 40° C (90° F to 104° F) in steps of 0.1°  C (Temperature settings can be adjusted upon request). High Temperature Safety Cut Off Point at 42° C(109° F)


Control Units: W-500D 187x282x87  mm 5,5  kg. – W-300
187x282x87  mm 5,6  kg.
W-150 72x104x26mm 0,8  kg. With Adaptor W-150T (Large)
187x282x87  mm 4,25 kg. With Battery W-150T(Small)
187x168x87   mm 2,0  kg. With Battery
Warming  Mattresses: IM-190MS 190x50x3cm (with  foam) 4,0  kg. Large Size
IM-150 MS 150x50x3cm (with  foam) 3,3  kg. Medium Size IM-120MS
120x50x3cm (with  foam) 2,25 kg. Medium Size IM-80MS
80x50x3cm 1,90 kg. Small Size
IM-190M 190x50cm 2,75 kg. Large Size
IM-120M 120x50cm 1,75 kg. Medium Size
IM-80M 80x50cm 1,25 kg. Small Size
Blankets IM-235B 235x130cm 2,8  kg. Large Size
IM-190B 190x100cm 2,3  kg. Large Size
IM-180BAS 180x45cm 1,1  kg. Arm-Shoulder Warming
IM-150BAS 150x45cm 0,85 kg. Arm-Shoulder Warming
IM-120B 120x80cm 1,1  kg. Medium Size
IM-85 DB 85x55cm (x2) 1,4  kg. Small Size – Two Pieces
IM-80B 80x7cm 0,75 kg. Small Size
Cable Length 3 Meters


Power Alarm                              : Activated  if power is cut off or if the  power cord is disconnected when  the  unit is turned on.

Ped  Alarm                                 : Activated  when  the  connection between the  controller and the  mattress is cut off.

In-Op Alarm                              : Activated  in case  of a technical problem.

High Temperature Alarm           : For Adults and Pediatrics,  42° C is the  highest temperature. When the  measured temperature reaches this value, the  device outputs audible and visual alarms.

High/Low  Deviation                  : If the temperature of the blanket goes  -1.5° C below the set temperature, low deviation alarm is sounded. If the  temperature goes  +1,5° C over the  set temperature, high deviation  alarm is sounded.



EN60601-1                                Class lla Type BF

EN60601-1-2                             Electrical Safety Requirements for medical devices

93/42/EEC                                  Medical Device Directive

73/23/EEC                                 Low Voltage Directive

EN60601-2-35                          Medical Electrical Equipment



Ambient Temperature (Operating)                                                            15° C – 40° C Ambient Temperature (Storage)    -10° C – 55° C Relative Humidity                                                                                                                 %30 – %70