DBB-06 Dialysis System

Types of therapy

  •   Acetate dialysis
  •   Bicarbonate dialysis
  •   Single-needle single pump (click-clacDialysis System DBB-06_Sk)
  •   ISO-UF (sequential)
  •   UF, total and bicarbonate conductivity profiles

Standard features

  •   Single-needle single pump (click-clack)
  •   Dialyser inlet blood pressure monitoring
  •   Electric level adjustment in the extracorporeal chambers
  •   Serial data interface / connection for nurse call
  •   Integrated service mode for function analysis
  •   Clearly visible status display
  •   Concentrate-, water- and energy-saving mode   Battery backup of extracorporeal circuit

Optional extras

  •   Haemo-Master (BV-UFC/COC) – Blood volume regulation with active regulation of the UF-rate and conductivity in the dialysis fluid
  •   Blood pressure monitor – continual measurement with a display of the readings trend in the monitor, automatic deactivation of the UF-rate when in the limit area
  •   Kt/V calculation
  •   Filter setting to purify the dialysis fluid
  •   CCS for two concentrate connections
  •   Holder for standard bicarbonate cartridges
  • Network – integration of the dialysis system into the clinic network